Thanks to those of you who prayed for our DC inaugural outreach. Our joint effort with McLean Bible Church reached multitudes of people who came for the Presidential Inauguration and the march the following day. About 80 Jews for Jesus staff and volunteers teamed up to engage with people on the streets and in the metro stations around our nation’s capital with the good news of Jesus. Several came in from out of state for the outreach.

Lynn McCoy from our Washington, DC branch says, “One of my volunteers was afraid at the outset because of the negative things some people were saying to her. But within minutes, love trumped fear, and by the end of the outreach she didn’t want to stop. She was so blessed that God had given her courage in place of fear. [Ed: God’s perfect love really does cast out fear!]

“During the outreach, Ofer, one of our staff visiting from Israel, met Julie, a self-described Satanist, who was dressed in black robe and all. Julie said that Jesus was not for her, as she is Jewish. Nevertheless, Ofer had a good conversation with her. Pray for Julie!

“A few hours later I met Rubin, who proclaimed that one cannot be Jewish and believe in Jesus. I asked whether the Jewish Satanist down the street was still Jewish given her beliefs. ‘Of course,’ he replied. I said, ‘So if a Jew can be a Satanist, why can’t a Jew believe in Jesus as the Jewish Messiah?’ He scratched his head and walked away, looking befuddled. Pray that Rubin would realize that he too can be Jewish and believe in Yeshua.”

In addition to the postcards written especially for the Inauguration and the march, we distributed an “oldie,” “Did Jesus Get Stoned?,” that seemed appropriate to give people at Dupont Circle Metro Station, where some folks were handing out marijuana joints to protesters.

We also had a social media campaign, including a Facebook ad that went to every cell phone within the vicinity of the National Mall during the Inauguration. The ad offered an Inauguration quiz, and people had an opportunity to respond and receive a gospel message from us in return. We had 2,716 clicks from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Larry Dubin, who spearheaded our Washington, DC Inauguration Day outreach, says, “Rain was expected to disrupt the swearing-in ceremony. We prayed that the Lord would hold back the rain; a few droplets were observed here and there but the weather cleared for the event. We began our outreach at 5 A.M. and ended the day having distributed 61,850 gospel postcards. The following day, we had a smaller team hand out another 8,300 postcards at the Women’s March.

“I am thankful that God allowed us to plant these gospel seeds. It was a blessing to share His story on the streets of DC.”