In this month’s Bits from the Branches, Stewart Weinisch (New York City) tells how a Christian who was passing by our office was so excited—he had never heard of Jews for Jesus before, but our name told him everything he needed to know. He had been witnessing to a Jewish friend, Barry* and over time, Barry had become attracted to Jesus—but he had many questions. His Christian friend immediately recognized that Jews for Jesus would be able to speak to those questions and took down our phone number. Stewart and Barry connected right away. Barry soon came to faith in Jesus and Stewart now meets with him to study the Bible as a new and growing disciple.

So let me ask: is there a Jewish person in your life that we might reach out to? We can’t promise that your friend will respond as Barry did—but what happened with Barry is not unusual. It’s always been true that the most (obviously) fruitful ministry we have is to Jewish people who have received the witness of their Christian friend, yet seem to come to a standstill because of certain questions or concerns.

Will we reach out to a Jewish person that you don’t really know so well, and with whom you have not shared your faith? Yes, we will. In many such cases, there may not be much initial interest in hearing from us, but we can still plant a seed.  That type of ministry is like street ministry; we are available to catch people’s attention and invite them to see Jesus in a new way. They may be curious to learn more, or they may be angry or indifferent. Whatever they may be, we trust God to continue working in their hearts, whether or not we get to be part of that continuing work.

Some Christians, like Barry’s friend, immediately recognize the opportunity to connect their friends with Jews for Jesus. Others would not think of putting us in touch with their friends until they know us better, and that is understandable. We want to get to know you and other Christians, and to have you know us. Yes, it is in large part because your prayers, and when possible, your financial gifts, make it possible for us to be full time evangelists. But it’s more than that. You are the best people in the world to help us do what we are called to do… meet and minister to Jewish people and do our part to see them come to know and trust the Messiah, Jesus.

If you have a Jewish friend you would like us to reach out to, please let us know with a comment on this article. If you and your friend live near one of our branches, we will put you in touch with the team at that branch. If not, your comment will be received by our ministry at large team, who will be glad to take your information, answer any questions you may have, and make a first contact with your Jewish friend.

Maybe you don’t know any Jewish people, but you have Christian friends who share your appreciation for ministry to Jewish people. It would be wonderful if you would let them know about Jews for Jesus. If you receive our print newsletter, maybe you would pass along your copy, or else direct them to our website: If your friends would like to receive our print newsletter and/or RealTime they can either phone us at 415 864 2600 or use these links:

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Working together, we can help one another take part in God’s love and desire for salvation among many Jewish people today, one person at a time!

—Ruth Rosen,



*not his real name