God uses art to open hearts—the beauty of His creation has moved human hearts since the beginning of time! What a blessing that He passed down His artistic gifts to certain people. It’s an even greater blessing that some of those people create art that will point people to Him.  

We’ll be having an outreach at the Coconut Grove Festival as usual. The St. Stephen’s Art Festival runs at the same time as Coconut Grove, and many of the same people attend it. We’ll be handing out gospel postcards (see below) at both, but will also be at that second art show as a vendor, displaying some of our Multitudes artwork by Steffi Geiser Rubin.  (The Multitudes paintings bring attention to the Gospel of Matthew, and the many Hebrew Scripture passages it points back to.) Pray for many good conversations, and that we will meet Jewish people who want to know more about Yeshua (Jesus).