The most exciting news ever?

The gospel is the most exciting news ever, so let’s not treat it like a snoozefest! Jews for Jesus founder Moishe Rosen said, “It’s a sin to bore people with the gospel!” What can you do about it?

God doesn’t need us to try to make the gospel interesting. It already is the most exiting story ever! It’s when we lose sight of how wonderful, how true and how powerful the gospel is that we either forget to tell people about it or just don’t really do it justice. If you feel that’s happened to you, you are not alone. You can pray for God to renew the joy of your salvation so you’ll be excited about sharing the gospel with others.

Having said that, many of us need a little help to get a conversation going. Have you ever noticed how often Jesus made His point over something to eat or drink? You see it in His miracles and in His parables. Jews for Jesus is having fun with a new way to share the gospel, and we thought you might like to try it as well. Starting this month you can order some of our “Chews for Jesus.” What?! Yes, we now have delicious date, almond and cherry bars, with a wrapper that says “Taste and see that the Lord is good” along with our website! You can order a few of them to try or order in bulk (30). There’s no end of conversations that these can spark!

If you are looking for a fun way to share the gospel, try it! It won’t be boring, that’s for sure!

Pray for those who receive Chews for Jesus to be open to talking about how God wants to satisfy their hunger.


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