ArtShare makes a “Place” for beauty and spiritual reflection

What happens when Jewish believers in Jesus want to glorify God through creativity, community and their shared love for the Messiah? They make a “Place” for others to enjoy art, Shabbat and music with an atmosphere where people can easily discuss spiritual issues.

Melissa Moskowitz is one of those artists and a long time staff member of Jews for Jesus who serves with our NY branch. She is part of ArtShare, a project birthed in 2014 as a means for Jews for Jesus to gather artists who want to glorify God and help others connect with Him. The latest “gathering” resulted in an event called “Place.”

Melissa showing her photographs.

Melissa explains, “‘Place’ was a collection of six emerging Jewish artists’ work (five are Jewish believers; one was a 22-year old Jewish photojournalist who doesn’t yet know the Messiah). More than 30 Jewish people came in to talk, sign our guest book and attend the events we’d planned. First night: an opening artists’ reception;  second night, Shabbat candle lighting with challah and wine; and the final night’s standing-room-only concert, which featured the release of Heartcities “Painting Deserts” CD.

Melissa enjoyed an engaging conversation with Gabriel, a Jewish Buddhist artist who stayed to talk for a long time. Two Jewish couples who stopped by on Thursday night returned on Saturday to see the show again. One of the ArtShare artists brought her sister and friends on Friday night.

The biggest surprise of the three-day event was Thursday night as the team was closing up. A Hasidic man wandered purposefully into the gallery. He was clearly “on a mission.” Moshe wanted to see what kind of art would be done by Jewish artists who believe in Jesus. Melissa says, “He told us his story and as it unfolded, we realized he had been searching for real faith in the Messiah of the New Testament. By the end of our 45-minute conversation it was evident that visiting the gallery and interacting with us had brought him one step closer to professing his own need for and relationship with Yeshua.”

Please pray for God to nurture all the gospel seeds that were sown during the “Place” gallery in NYC, and pray especially for Moshe’s salvation.

Sharing Sabbath bread and wine on Friday night.


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