RealTime February 2015

Watch David’s video to find out what Israel’s Supreme Court said about Barry B.’s case, and be one of the first to preview “Multitudes,” a stunning collection of Gospel-based paintings.

Israel court case
February 27, 2015

Thanks to all who’ve prayed for Barry B.’s case against Israel’s Ministry of Interior. The Supreme Court of Israel heard the case this month! Find out what happened.

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Geneva update
February 26, 2015

What do you think “as neutral as Switzerland” means today? Watch the video to see how free speech is not a “given” in Geneva.

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Thanking God for this couple!
February 20, 2015

The wait is over for our South Africa branch—at last there are more laborers in the field! Please pray for Aden and Cara as they are now officially on board with us in Johannesburg. Do they look familiar? Find out why…

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We break for outreach

Jews for Jesus leadership council breaks to share the love on the streets and campuses of San Francisco.

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The most exciting news ever?
February 13, 2015

The gospel is the most exciting news ever, so let’s not treat it like a snoozefest!

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London update
February 12, 2015

Jews for Jesus sets up shop in London’s Hendon district. See the video and find out what it means for our UK outreach.

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ArtShare makes a “Place” for beauty and spiritual reflection
February 7, 2015

What happens when Jewish believers in Jesus want to glorify God through creativity, community and their shared love for the Messiah? They make a “Place” for others to enjoy art, Shabbat, music with an atmosphere where people can easily discuss spiritual issues.

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Pray for Ukraine!
February 6, 2015

Please read, share & pray for people in Ukraine; remember our missionaries & all believers there who shine the gospel in this dark place. Read more.

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