Why Jews for Jesus ED says with God there are no coincidences

Why Jews for Jesus ED says with God there are no coincidences

David Brickner is not the first person to observe that with God there are no coincidences. But isn’t it fun to hear stories that illustrate that truth? Here’s one you might like … Just before a recent church service where David was speaking, he was introduced to a Jewish visitor who came out of curiosity. As it happens, Greg Rosenberg–a Jewish believing friend and former staff member—was at the church. David passed Greg a note asking him reach out to the guy in case he (David) was unable to get to him through the crowd. (Often visitors leave a church pretty quickly after the service unless someone they can relate to is right there to connect with them.) After the service, Greg (who is a pilot) introduced himself to the visitor who, it turns out is also a pilot. What are the chances?! They had a lot in common, made a great connection and exchanged contact information. Please pray God will use Greg to lead this man to faith in Jesus. And as all our Jews for Jesus missionaries speak at various churches, please pray for many Jewish guests to come out of curiosity … and to leave with a willingness to hear more about Jesus.


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