Please pray for Jews for Jesus Carnaval outreach in Rio. Here you see our Rio branch leader, Sergio Danon, offering gospel tracts at last year’s Carnaval. This year we’re asking you to pray for the Rio team as they go out from February 28-March 5. This outreach has it’s own set of challenges. It is a physically rigorous outreach, with the teams out until 5 and 6 am because the crowds who come love to be out until the wee hours. It is also a spiritually rigorous outreach because of the amount of substance abuse and occult activity. Many Christians prefer to leave the city during Carnaval week, but we have some faithful volunteers who partner with us, reaching out to people with the love and compassion of Jesus. In addition to the usual challenges, Sergio has been careful not to tap too many of our regular volunteers because he will need them even more for the World Cup outreach in a few months.