Jews for Jesus European director instructs Kiev branch leader

Jews for Jesus European director tells Kiev branch leader, “be brave but not foolish, careful but not frightened.” Here is what our branch leader, Tolik, reported on Feb 20:

“Continue to pray, as panic is erupting in the city: long lines at gas stations, the subway is closed, people are stockpiling food and other items from the stores. Interior troops and special units received weapons of war, and 32 activists have been killed since this morning. It’s unknown how many interior troops were killed. The news shows police among the wounded and killed.

“We continue to do visits. We are not doing sorties (tract passing) at this time. I asked all our staff to minister in their areas of residence.”

One of our staff sent us links to Ukrainian videos of what is happening in the city. Frankly they are too graphic for us to post. Kiev is in a state of war and it is ugly and horrifying. We are reminded of just how much the human race needs a savior. Please pray for God’s mercy on the people of Kiev, and for His gospel to shine through our Jews for Jesus staff and other believers in Kiev during this dark time. Please pray for many opportunities to reach Jews and Gentiles with the love of Jesus.

(Photo credit: Sandro Maddalena/Getty Images)


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