Western Seminary

We have a long-standing relationship with Western Seminary. Moishe Rosen loved Western because of their faithful stance on the Bible and their understanding of the importance of reaching Jewish people for Jesus. He served as a trustee on their board for many years.

In the past we have mentioned that Western offers a Jewish studies ministry track. Several of our own staff have participated, some as students, some as teachers, in this program, so we highly recommend it. Recently Western has promoted the program on their website, pointing out, “Most of the world’s Jewish population has never heard the Messianic claims of Jesus in relevant and culturally appropriate ways.” They go on to say “Western Seminary’s M.A. in Ministry and Leadership (MAML) – Jewish Ministry Track is designed to commission and train men and women for exactly that purpose. It offers you practical tools and teaching on how to minister to Jewish people.” Find out more about this great training program here.

Jewish Voice

Jewish Voice Jews for Jesus BrochureWe also have a longstanding friendship with a ministry called “Jewish Voice.”We are currently working together to highlight short-term mission opportunities offered by each of our ministries.  Check out the cool new brochure. (click on the cover image to download).