Thanks so much for praying for our outreach at this year’s Presidential Inauguration. Our D.C. team reports,

“Though the crowd was about 1 million people less than four years ago, there were still huge crowds. The number was not announced publicly but we can tell you that it was faster to walk a mile than to take the Metro (D.C.’s subway).

“Security was very tight.  There were several secure zones around Pennsylvania Avenue.  Instead of using the parking lot that was a few blocks from our primary sortie (tract-passing) sites, we had to locate a new parking facility fifteen minutes away.

“The local weather forecasts predicted a high of 50 degrees on Sunday, January 20 and a high of 37 degrees on Monday, January 21 with the possibility of snow showers!  Yet, the Lord answered our prayer requests and the weather on Monday was some ten degrees higher than predicted with only a few clouds in the sky.  It was a great day to plant and to water gospel seeds. 

“The D.C. Branch Inaugural team consisted of seven Jewish believers and fifteen Gentile Believers. One person drove fifteen hours in order to participate in the outreach.  Our oldest team member was almost 65 years old and the youngest was 19 years old. Together we distributed a total of 25,315 broadsides (gospel tracts) during the two day outreach.”