Council Meeting

Thanks also for praying for our Council meeting, February 5-7. Our leadership team (many of whom traveled internationally to attend) had a fruitful time, and a lot of fun as well.

A few highlights from the meeting:

Executive Director David Brickner gave a leadership lesson on “Loyaltee.” Why the strange spelling? The lesson was part of a series David is giving on “Leadership Tees” (Part one was on Humilitee). The lesson was an inspiring combination of Bible study, reflection and discussion.

We were delighted to welcome Amy and Lisa onto our staff. Amy has already been serving with us as an intern for our Massah program (she participated in 2011 and returned as part of the leadership team in 2012). Lisa has had a long career in the field of education and is now excited to use her teaching and coaching skills to introduce Jewish people to the Messiah. We’ll tell you more about Amy and Lisa when we highlight our September trainees via our print newsletter.

Speaking of trainees, we had a great discussion about revisions for our training program as we seek to make it more interactive. Several of us who have been on staff for many years could almost wish we could take our training all over again!

Another highlight was a lively discussion on developing a Jews for Jesus “web branch” as we look to take advantage of the many opportunities for outreach that the Internet now provides.

As is our custom, on the second day our senior staff took to the streets to hand out gospel broadsides. Our San Francisco branch leader Rob reports:  “About 30 of us hit the streets of San Francisco as well as San Francisco State University and in a couple of hours distributed 9,445 broadsides.  We also received the contact information from two seekers, one Jewish and one Gentile.  I was particularly encouraged that Jesse received the contact information for the Jewish seeker; I’ve ministered to Jesse for the past couple of years; he came to faith about a year ago, has served on Massah and is currently an intern at HQ. Jesse and I got to know each other at San Francisco State, which is where he got the aforementioned contact!  PTL for His blessings!”


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