Carnaval Outreach

Thank you for praying for our Carnaval outreach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The outreach ran from February 8-13. With a much smaller crew than usual this year (three people), branch leader Sergio Danon and his crew handed out 21,450 broadsides, received names of 63 seekers willing to hear more about Jesus, of whom seven were Jewish and prayed with one person to receive the Lord. Many of those who prayed with our staff and volunteers had some Christian upbringing or background but had strayed far from the Lord. 

Sergio reports, “This year some last minute challenges prevented some who wanted to join us from participating. But we handed out many tracts and had some good conversations. For example, I met Marco, whose mother is Jewish and father is Catholic. He was raised Catholic, but is not expressing much faith. Marco said that his mother practices both Catholicism and Judaism at home, and while he does not understand this, he thought she would be very happy to meet me. Please pray as I follow up with this family.

“On Saturday night we went to Lapa, a district in Rio known for night life. There I met an amazing number of believers who are backslidden. For example, Roberto and Mauro are friends who were partying–a little bit high on alcohol–who came to talk to me. They told me how shocked they were because last week one of their friends died of lung cancer. He was 30 years old. They also mentioned the recent fire at a nightclub in the south of Brazil, where 237 people died. These things made them realize how fleeting life can be, and how unexpectedly people can die. Seeing me, a Jewish believer in Jesus, it dawned on them that we are nearing the end times, and they want to come back to church. I took their information and promised to suggest some good churches in the area where they live.”


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