2012 Superbowl Championship Parade

From our New York branch, Amer Olson reports, “New Yorkers love to celebrate the victory of their sports teams. Hey, who doesn’t love an excuse to party? So I was hoping for a Giants victory, if nothing else, to give us an opportunity for evangelism at the victory parade. I was asked to do the art for the Superbowl broadside – Matt Sieger had written it before the actual game so we had two versions, one for each possible winning team. I had drawn up the Giants’ broadside before the game, holding off on the Patriots’ version (in faith…) but if necessary I would change a few names and drawings. The day after the game, a number of people here at the New York branch took rotations printing and folding (and troubleshooting a busted down folding machine – which ultimately worked perfectly, praise the Lord!).

“We ended up printing 12,000 broadsides for the twelve people we anticipated going to the parade. Two woke up too sick to go, so the ten of us brought ten bags and ended up giving out nearly 9,000 broadsides. We had some lively conversations with Jewish passersby. And one over-excited Giants fan kept chanting in his bull-horn, “Jews for Jesus! Jews for Jesus!” It was a beautiful day for a victory parade, a day of celebrating for New York fans. But I couldn’t help singing, “Celebrate Jesus, celebrate,” as I imagined how awesome it will be when we line the streets of gold to cheer for the victory of our Great Deliverer in His Kingdom. What a party that will be!”


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