RealTime February 2012

A Note from David Brickner: Look Before You Leap
February 15, 2012

What do you plan to do with your extra 24 hours this month? Oh.  You didn’t know about that extra time did you? 2012 is a Leap Year with 366 days instead of 365 and that extra day is awarded to us this month.  You know the song: 30 days has September, April,...

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Jewish Facts of Life
February 14, 2012

Purim, one of the most fun holidays on the Jewish calendar, begins at sundown on March 7. Learn more about Purim and see how “Kosher Joe” celebrates...

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Real Deal
February 13, 2012

Leslie Flynn, (pastor to Moishe Rosen in the late ’60s) wrote a book explaining the relationship between the church and the Jewish people. Order online by February 29 using coupon code “flynn29” and get free shipping on “What the Church Owes...

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2012 Superbowl Championship Parade
February 11, 2012

From our New York branch, Amer Olson reports, “New Yorkers love to celebrate the victory of their sports teams. Hey, who doesn’t love an excuse to party? So I was hoping for a Giants victory, if nothing else, to give us an opportunity for evangelism at the...

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Watch the trailer for Awakening Watch the author trailer featuring Ruth Rosen.                          ...

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