RealTime February 2011

February 1, 2011

Once again we find ourselves riveted to news of the Middle East and this time it’s not because of trouble between Israelis and Palestinians. This time, all eyes are on Egypt…”

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Jews for Jesus News

Check out the honor recently accorded to Moishe Rosen (and what is happening with his biography), what happened at our recent Jews for Jesus Council (leadership) meeting and more.

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Jewish Facts of Life

Did you know that George Washington attended a synagogue service shortly after his election, and the pew where he sat remains a place of honor to this day? For more on Washington, Lincoln and the Jewish people, click here.

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In Other News

A sister Christian organization, Dallas Seminary Foundation, sent out a short recap of the new tax law that was enacted at the end of last year. We think it is a good presentation and want to share it with you.

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Also in this Edition

Flowers of the Son Our brand new DVD brings you to the front lines of Jewish evangelism in Israel!

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Real Deals

We are offering 20% off on our DVD Forbidden Peace, giving you real life stories of Jews and Arabs who are finding reconciliation through Jesus. To receive the discount, you must order online by February 28. Use coupon code “FP20” at checkout.

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