RealTime February 2009

A note from David Brickner: Great Election Expectations
February 1, 2009

I was just “friended” by Benjamin Netanyahu. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you might not know that being “friended” is like being “befriended” only…”

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Jewish Facts of Life

Purim, the annual Jewish holiday commemorating the events recorded in the book of Esther, begins at sundown on March 9 and continues through March 11. This holiday reaffirms the fact that God does not always bring about deliverance according to our plans or...

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In Other News

The UP FRONT” section of the February 13 edition of “The Jerusalem Post” published an amazing feature titled “Leap of faith” about Israeli Jews who believe in Jesus. The six-page article begins with a full page photo of an Orthodox Jewish...

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Thank You For Praying

We’ve got terrific praise reports from Washington D.C. concerning the Inauguration outreach, from the Liberated Wall concerning a pianist, and from Israel concerning family members called up for service . . . and in keeping with that last one, we’ve got a broadside you might want to download titled, Stop Your Fighting!“”

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Real Deals

Here is a real and a rare deal for music lovers! “Clothed in Gladness” is an instrumental CD, arranged and performed by David Abramsky, a Jewish believer in Jesus and a talented cellist, pianist and composer. Fourteen tracks include the much loved...

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Sneak Peek
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Our March print Newsletter will feature: Purim: A Modern-Day Guide to Survival,” by David Brickner; “Persistent or Pushy” (gives examples and tips on evangelism); Fast Facts (biblical examples and principles of fasting); Moishe’s Musings on...

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Wonderful Winter Weekends Photos

Camp Gilgal Wonderful Winter Weekend East, led by Elisheva R., featuring fun in the snow, yummy dessert, time in worship and the Word, and finally lighting the Havdalah candle as the Sabbath ends.

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Presidential Inauguration Outreach

Here’s Ed, one of our trusty volunteers… and Elisheva R, from our New York branch. Crowds of pedestrians crossed with each green light… …as staff and volunteers greeted them with the gospel. Giselle, an intern from our Sydney branch, was spending...

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