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Still rooting for Jesus!

Last month David Brickner mentioned the enthusiasm people demonstrate over the political candidates and sports favorites. Too bad your RealTime editor does not know enough about sports to have known that the Super Bowl was in Glendale, Arizona, within easy distance of our Phoenix branch. I’d have asked you to pray for our outreach. At any rate, here’s the news:

Phoenix outpost leader Bruce Rapp reports, Twelve volunteers from two messianic congregations and one church joined Jews for Jesus to hand out broadsides at the Super Bowl. We also took along our ‘1-800-Messiah banner,’ holding it for all to see as people continuously streamed past us on their way to the game. We were thankful that God held back the rain.

“Many Jewish people attended the game between two Northeastern teams and 6700 took our tracts. One man came by and claimed that he was a ‘real Jew’ and that Jesus was going to score three touchdowns for his team. Even those who just walked past us knew what we were about and who we thought would be the real Winner.”

New York branch responds to Giants’ Victory in record time!

Branch leader Josh Sofaer reports:

Like many of you, we were shocked and amazed when the New York Giants won the Super Bowl. Watching the game together was a branch event, but for us, the actual game was only part of the excitement. No sooner was it over than we all looked at each other and said, “OK, so what’s the broadside going to say?” We knew there would be a parade . . . lots of people lining the streets . . . and a great opportunity to draw people’s attention to Jesus.

Monday afternoon we sat down to brainstorm. We had lots of ideas . . . some good and some . . . not as good! We settled on a title and theme, and by 8:00 pm, the broadside was written and illustrated. Missionary Larry Stamm and intern Dave Liebman worked through the night into the early morning hours to print 10,000 of the new broadside tracts. (Did someone say high-speed printer? It doesn’t always work that way!) But they persevered and we were ready for the parade.

The various shades of gray that are typical of Manhattan mornings had brightened considerably as the streets were lined with red, white and blue clad people and banners to honor the Super Bowl Champs. Ten of us met the crowds for the victory parade at 9:00 am. For the next several hours, thousands and thousands of people streamed down the streets. Nine thousand of the passersby took our tracts.

I was proud of our team in New York. In less than 24 hours, we responded to the Giants’ victory in a way that pointed to Jesus. One of the best compliments of the day was actually more of a grunt. “A Giant Win! ARUGHHYEAHHH!” Comments like that keep us going.”

Susan Mendelson reports: “In the midst of the vast crowd, I saw a familiar face pass by. I hollered out, ‘Joanie!’ and sure enough, she turned around! I identified myself and she remembered. Before I knew Jesus, I was very involved in the New Age movement. I lived in Dallas and Joanie led seminars that I regularly attended! I explained to her that in 1990 I had come to faith in Jesus and had been with Jews for Jesus for many years. She informed me that she now lives in New York. I asked about connecting; she said I could find her via her website. I have since e-mailed her and while she responded, she expressed no interest in Jesus. Nevertheless, I’m sure Joan is Jewish, and I would be so grateful to the Lord to have a ministry to her! Please pray that the Lord will open a door in the near future where we can get together and discuss Him.”

Larry Stamm adds, “It was a lot of fun being at the ticker tape parade, planting gospel seeds. I loved it when a fellow believer took a broadside and excitedly said to me, ‘I can’t believe you’re out here! This is great!’ I replied, ‘Yes it is . . . and Jesus accomplished the best victory ever on our behalf.’ Now that’s something to celebrate!”

Click here to see the broadside created for the occasion, and here to see a few photos.

Please be praying for the following outdoor evangelistic opportunities

San Francisco

San Francisco branch leader Rob Wertheim is planning an outreach for the Chinatown New Year’s Day Parade and Community Street Fair on Saturday, February 23. Approximately 500,000 will attend. Please pray for volunteers to help, and that many will see the tracts and think about Jesus.

South Florida

In South Florida one of the many events that attract “snowbirds” is the Coconut Grove Art Festival. It is celebrating its 45th year this Presidents’ Day weekend, February 16,17 and 18. The festival attracts over 150,000 to view art from some of the finest artists and craftsmen in the world. We will be sharing the Messiah to whoever has ears to hear. We have a tract entitled, “A Thing of Beauty,” which is perfect for this festival. Please pray for divine appointments, great conversations, cool weather and sowing a lot of seed.

All Over the World

Passover tours!

Please pray for our missionaries who are out presenting “Christ in the Passover” the first three weeks in March. This is a great opportunity for us to witness to Jewish people in areas where we don’t normally have a presence, so please pray that churches will publicize the meetings well. All who come are sure to hear the gospel! Also, these tours are an important step in helping us meet brothers and sisters who might want to partner with us.

Since touring season is early this year, some of our missionaries may well face ice and snow. Please pray for safe travels, divine appointments with Jewish seekers and new friends for our ministry!

Please remember that this will be the first tour for our newer missionaries. Pray for calm hearts and good memories. Some of our missionaries will be presenting “Christ in the Passover” in languages other than their native tongue. Pray for all to be confident and well-spoken. And finally, some of our missionaries have been doing these presentations for 30 years. Please pray for them to remain fresh, and with unflagging enthusiasm as they bring this wonderful message to those who are willing to hear.

It would be a great if you could attend one of these presentations and let our missionaries know that you are praying for us. To see if we will be coming to a church near you, click here.

South Africa

You may recall in last month’s RealTime we mentioned ads we place in bus shelters to raise a story. We showed a photo of a vandalized shelter ad.

The company from whom we leased the ads received pressure to take the ads, and the complaints they received were channeled through the Advertising Standards Authority. We complied with their ruling and our ads do not violate their standards; nevertheless, we’ve been told by the leasing company that they are removing the advertising and want to refund us for the remainder of the time. We have objected and referred them back to the ruling of the Advertising Standards Authority. Do please pray for a just outcome.


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