RealTime February 2007

Those Who Cannot Remember the Past . . .
February 1, 2007

Last week a whole lot of people in South Portland, Maine were upset over a sermon title. South Portland Baptist Church had advertised their Sunday services in the Saturday edition of Portland Press Herald. The title of the upcoming message? The Only Way to Destroy the...

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Jewish Facts of Life

Purim, the Jewish holiday based on the book of Esther is Sunday, March 4. As with all holidays it begins at sundown the previous night.

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Jews for Jesus News

This is the place you’ll hear prayer requests and praise reports as we tell you some of our staff and branch news. These are snippets and snapshots, not an exhaustive report, but enough, we hope, to keep you praying with and for Jews for Jesus. This is also the place to check for Jews for Jesus events that may be coming up near you, as well as a place to check for free downloads of Jews for Jesus broadside tracts.

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