RealTime February 2006

Alarmist Bells in Israel
February 1, 2006
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It is the nature of the media to zero in on drama — so it is no surprise that reports on the Middle East always emphasize whatever is most volatile in this troubled region. It is difficult, even for Christians, to avoid being caught up in the hyperbole and overheated rhetoric. Some people are just…

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This Month’s Behold Your God campaigns

Please remember to pray for our campaigns going on right NOW in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The leaders, Stan Meyer and Greg Savitt, seem to be in high spirits. The team is looking forward to handing out tracts at the Coconut Grove Art Festival this Saturday-Monday. 750,000 people are expected to attend the festival….

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Portland hearing coming up March 6

Please be in prayer as we have a case coming before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in Portland, Oregon on March 6. This case concerns our right to free speech at the Portland Airport. This is a battle we fought many years ago in which the court initially ruled against us, but we won…

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A Difficult Goodbye

In January 2000, we were blessed to have David Stone join our headquarters staff as our Chief Administrative Officer. David’s lovely wife Lois also came alongside, volunteering her time and talents at our San Francisco headquarters. At the end of this month the Stones will be moving to Florida, where they will continue to be…

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Jews For Jesus Board

Last week we had a joint meeting of our Jews for Jesus Council (strategy planning/advisory committee to the executive director) and the U.S. Jews for Jesus Board, which exercises oversight for our ministry. It was a good chance for many of the senior staff and board members to spend time together. For those of our…

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Staff News

Amer (missionary in Chicago) and Paige Olson welcomed their third child, Zechariah Dylan, into the world on February 13 at 3:56 p.m. Zechariah weighed about 8 lbs. Mom and new son came home from the hospital yesterday and both are doing fine. Big sister Abigail and brother Josiah are excited about their new brother! To…

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Sneak Peek At Next Month’s Newsletter
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In March our regular (snail mail) Newsletter will feature: Lead article by David Brickner titled, Haman, Hitler, Hussein Reaching Sephardic Jews by Joshua Sofaer The BYG Pic: (reflections on Tehran) by Avi Snyder Moishe’s Musings Bits from the Branches in Essen, Boston, New York and from the Liberated Wailing Wall tour

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R U Opinionated?

Did you know that the Jews for Jesus website is an easy and fun place to share your opinions? We frequently change our front page” to stimulate discussion on a variety of spiritual topics. All kinds of people respond, including Jewish people who do not believe in Jesus. You can enter into dialogue with believers…

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Real Time Photo Gallery: Zechariah Dylan Olson
Welcome to the newest member of the Olson family!
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Real Time Photo Gallery: Wertheim B’nai Mitzvah
Congratulations to the Wertheim family as they celebrate the B’nai Mitzvah of their daughter Rose and son Josh.
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Real Time Photo Gallery: Behold Your God South Florida!

Please pray for our campaigners as they proclaim the gospel in Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

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