President’s Day is February 21. Now’s the time to add to your knowledge about Washington, Lincoln, the rest of our presidents and the Jews!

For history buffs, we have “Washington and the Jews” from the July 1844 issue of the periodical The Occident and American Jewish Advocate.

A more recent Jewish scholar, Jonathan Sarna, comments on “Encouraging Signs that the nascent U.S. would welcome Jews” which includes a section on Washington.

And for good content as well as “eye candy,” download the Fall 2004 issue of “Heritage” magazine, published by the American Jewish Historical Society. (It’s a PDF, so you’ll need Adobe Reader to read it, available for free at Though the issue is mostly devoted to music, page 23 is all about President Washington and the Jews. In fact, the issue looked so good that the Jews for Jesus staff member who found this article [Rich Robinson] promptly went online to and ordered a subscription!

Moving ahead three-quarters of a century, we find:

Since Presidents’ Day needn’t be just about Washington and Lincoln, we found this fascinating miscellany of facts relating to many of the presidents and the Jewish people.

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