Evangelism at the Inauguration in Washington D.C.

Stephen Katz, leader of our Washington, D.C. branch, was one of many Jews for Jesus staff handing out tracts near the presidential inauguration. Stephen had an interesting interaction with the press as a result. He reports, I got a call from Walter Ruby, a writer for the “New York Jewish Week.” He had heard from a Jewish family that they received one of our broadsides inside the secure zone at the inauguration. Ruby wanted to know, in light of the rise in power of the Christian right, if we had been given special privileges by anyone in the administration. I told him that we had not. I then described where we were distributing our flyers [outside the secure zone]. I also told him about a Jewish woman who came up to me near the parade and asked if I was Jewish and whether I lived in the area. Apparently she had heard that ‘they’ were busing Jewish believers in Jesus in D.C.! With a smile I told Ruby I didn’t know how many buses we could fill. I also let him know that we had handed out around 20,000 of our pamphlets. It was a friendly call and he gave me his e-mail address in case we ever wanted to give him information on what we’re doing.”

Washington branch leader Stephen Katz handing out our gospel tracts to the crowd gathered for the presidential inauguration

Check out this letter:

Dear Jews for Jesus,

On Thursday after the inauguration near Federal Triangle Metro Stop, a woman[in her] mid-fifties with dark hair, glasses in a cap/hat was handing out the blue pamphlets “Jesus made me Kosher.” A group of young Jewish students (guys) accosted her, accusing her of not being Jewish . . . she beautifully held her own exclaiming that belief in Jesus, the Jewish Messiah, was the most Jewish thing she could do. I stood there silently, listening to the exchange and praying for those young eyes to be opened to their Messiah. The woman asked one man his name and he said, “Eric.” The spirited exchanged continued until the kids’ chaperone told them it was time to leave. God bless that lady, in her unflappable stance for Jesus and I have been praying specifically that Eric and perhaps others within her earshot, who protested her words that day, would go home and ponder their Messiah and come to know Him.

God Bless You.


We happened to get a report from the very missionary who was involved in this encounter. Her name is Susan Mendelson and here is her report of two incidents, including the one above:

Some girls had approached me, one of whom, Debbie, was a Christian wanting to discuss with me a Jewish friend of hers who did not yet know the Lord. We discussed his situation and as we prepared to pray for him I invited the other three girls who were standing there to join in. Two of them declined and held back. I finished with Debbie, and her friend and then realized that the other two girls were not with Debbie but had been “waiting in line” to speak with a Jew for Jesus! One of the two, Janet, was Jewish and had many questions for me. I witnessed to her for a while, including my story. Eventually, her friend said it was time to go. Please pray for Janet, that her hunger to know will not end until she comes to know Jesus as her Lord.

Later, a large number of young people approached and really started hammering me with questions. It didn’t take too long to sort out that this was a Jewish group of about 20 students! I turned and asked one young man how old he was. He said seventeen. I explained that we are not able to answer questions for those under 18 without parental consent. Another young man hollered out, ‘Well, I’m 18 and I want to know the same thing!’ So I answered his question! This went on, a barrage of questions, some mocking, some sincere, for a total of 10-15 minutes. One of the teachers, Stanley, came along, and I tried to explain our policy about not talking to minors without parental consent. He responded, ‘They can think for themselves!’ They finally had to go.

Please pray for this amazing, unbelievable encounter that I was so blessed to be a part of! (One of the young men’s names is Eric, please pray especially for him.) May they all be moved to explore further and come to know Y’shua!


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