RealTime February 2005

Your Royal Whatness?
February 1, 2005

Recently, I informed my wife that I now consider myself the crown prince of Oceana and would appreciate it if she began to address me as your royal highness.” She laughed and continued what she was doing. I suppose I could have business cards made up and glossy...

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Behold Your God in Melbourne Australia

Yes, training for our Behold Your God evangelistic campaign begins in Melbourne on February 17. The campaign will run from February 23-March 12. Mark Landrum, who is heading up the campaign, would appreciate prayers for the following: Finances Wisdom & guidance...

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Staff News: Happy and Sad

It occurred to us that one advantage of Real Time that we haven’t passed on is the ability to keep you in touch with major events in the lives of our staff. While there isn’t space to announce all our concerns, we thought you might want to share our joy...

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Evangelism at the Inauguration in Washington D.C.

Stephen Katz, leader of our Washington, D.C. branch, was one of many Jews for Jesus staff handing out tracts near the presidential inauguration. Stephen had an interesting interaction with the press as a result. He reports, I got a call from Walter Ruby, a writer for...

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What We Did for Valentine’s Day

Don’t think of it as late for this year, think of it as early for next year! There are three free downloadable broadsides as well as some articles of interest for the season. Go to: -link removed-

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