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David Brickner was so excited about this evangelistic opportunity that he sent a letter to everyone who has donated to our secular media outreach asking if they would like to help us place the gospel statement in other magazines and newspapers. So far, the response is enabling us to purchase a full page of the “New York Times” to print this gospel statement!

We hope we can place it in many more newspapers as well. While you may not have received a special letter, we would welcome your help. If you like the “Open Letter to Mel Gibson” and want to help us with this project you can give a donation at:

(For donations to other projects, use this page instead:

If you’d like to contact us about sponsoring the ad in your local paper, visit this link to email Susan Perlman.

We have written several new broadsides to hand out to Passion movie-goers, and two of them are illustrated and ready to go. If you would like to download them for your free use, go to the front page of our web site for Christians:
There you’ll find versions suitable for printing/distributing, or just for reading online.

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