For two to three weeks in March and April many of our missionaries are on on the road” presenting Christ in the Passover. This gives us a chance to make new friends for our ministry, do evangelism in areas we usually can’t cover, and bless our brothers and sisters with a deeper look at what Jesus was doing the night that He instituted communion.

We hope that you will take a look at our speakers’ schedule to see if Jews for Jesus is coming to a town near you. Use the pull down menu, select your state.

If one of our missionaries is coming to a town near you, we hope that you will want to attend the presentation. It would be great if you could be a “booster” and bring your Christian friends with you. We hope that meeting them will be a mutual blessing. And please remember that Christ in the Passover is a perfect way to share the gospel with your friends who don’t know Jesus, regardless of whether they are Jewish or Gentile.

Also, if you know we are coming to a town near you and you know a church that might welcome the Christ in the Passover presentation please let us know. Each year we have last minute dates to fill in due to cancellations or other “circumstances beyond our control.” Please send us a message and write “Urgent Passover Possibility” in the subject line.

If we are coming to a town near you and you have a Jewish friend who may actually be open to meeting with our staff member, please send us a message and in the subject line fill in the name of the Jews for Jesus missionary who is going to be in your area. The message should apprise him or her that you’d like to set up a personal visit with a Jewish person in your area.

Finally, if you are interested in celebrating Passover in your own home, or would like to make a gift of some of the beautiful items used to celebrate this holiday, go to: