Co-Laborer Ron Neumann Mcdevitt and his crew prayed with five people to receive the Lord at the Cocoa Village arts and crafts bazaar in Cocoa, Florida. Among the new believers are a 19-year-old Jewish mom and her husband.

Ron reported that his encounter with the young couple began when he offered her our gospel broadside, “Pharaoh wasn’t very nice.”

Curious about this choice of tract, we asked Ron if he’d run out of literature tailored to the Hanukkah/Christmas season. “No,” Ron answered. “The Passover tract was one of several we handed out. I like to use it all year round because it’s very easy to go from the story of the first Passover to the gospel of Jesus. In this case, a couple was hurrying past with their two-month-old baby in a stroller, and I sensed that the mom (Casey) was Jewish. As she took the broadside, I quickly asked her if she knew who Pharaoh was. She said, ‘Of course!’ and before long we were talking about Jesus.

“Casey was raised in a secular Jewish home, and the story of Passover is one of the few Bible narratives she knows. We talked for quite a while. After I presented the gospel to her and her husband and offered them the opportunity to pray with me to be saved, they both said ‘Yes’!  It’s really amazing how the Lord works, because I was just getting ready to leave as they were walking by.

“Earlier that day I had gotten to pray with a young African-American couple to receive the Lord. They were also pushing strollers. The husband was reluctant at first, because he was afraid that following Jesus meant he’d have to live a perfect life, which he knew he could not do. But soon after he and his wife prayed, he saw another of our volunteers and stopped to tell her that he’d received Jesus. She said his countenance was glowing!

“Rich, another of our faithful volunteers, was witnessing to a woman when he noticed a man who’d stopped to listen. The man stayed to talk after the woman left, and Rich led him in a prayer to receive Jesus.”

The all-volunteer team of eight people distributed about 2,000 gospel broadsides and had lots of conversations about the Messiah. And who are we to complain if they were several months late (or early) for Passover? We’re just rejoicing that we have five new brothers and sisters in Jesus!