Our Cape Town Summer Campaign (December 16–27) is in full swing. Campaign leader Aden Friedman says,

“We are so excited about our theme: #Lifesaver. Our team is around twenty strong. Each day we send out three teams: one to the beach, the second to hand out literature and the third a creative team to use surveys or other interactive means of outreach. Please pray for us to maintain health, strength and energy; pray for team unity; pray that we meet many Jewish people who are open to the gospel; and please pray that our team will boldly ask for—and that people we meet will gladly give—their contact information to continue the conversation.

“So far we’ve found Sea Point to be the best place to have meaningful conversations. Rob Wertheim from our San Francisco branch had conversations with eighteen Jewish people and five Gentiles in just one day.

“Our work in social media continues. More than 20,000 people have so far been reached via our banner ad on Facebook; more than 6,000 people clicked through to view our video.

“I met a Jewish man, Paul, from the town where I was raised. When Paul heard that my last name was Friedman, he immediately said, ‘Your grandfather must have been Stan Friedman.’ And yes, that was my grandfather (he was the mayor of that town). Paul asked to take a picture of us together because he wanted to put it on his special Facebook page about our town. I hope we can keep in touch via Facebook.”

Volunteer Astrid says, “I began a conversation with a woman sitting by herself on the beach and discovered that her family was one of the few that survived the Holocaust. I asked if she believed in God and she said no. I asked about her destiny when she dies. She said, ‘When I die it’s the end.’ We spoke for a while longer and I told her that she must read the Scripture written on my T-shirt: Isaiah 53. And she said, ‘I will; you made me think.’”

Volunteer Amanda says, “I spoke to Mark, a Jewish man who was walking along with his son. He is from Chabad in San Francisco. Noting the theme of our literature and shirts, he said, ‘I see you guys are “lifesavers”; where are you from and what is this saver thing about?’ I explained to him that I am a Christian and he listened to me while I gave him the whole gospel. We especially discussed Isaiah 53. He had a lot of questions and I give as many answers as I could. Mark said he could see that we had real ‘lifesaver’ words.”

Please pray that the Lord will continue the work begun in these and other conversations, and that many will come to know Jesus, the true lifesaver!