Here are some highlights from our December Summer Witnessing campaign in Sydney, Australia:

As Paula was witnessing to one person she noticed another waiting patiently to talk to her. A Jewish man named Bruce recently had a vision of Jesus that he wanted to discuss, and who better than a representative of Jews for Jesus? Paula explained the gospel and invited him to pray to receive Jesus as his Messiah and Savior. Bruce did, and now we have a new Jewish brother in the Lord!

Rahel met an Israeli family that was visiting Sydney for just a couple of days. They stopped to talk because they were attracted to the Hebrew lettering on her shirt. It happens that they are acquainted with some Messianic Jews in Israel, including a good friend of our ministry. Rahel told them very frankly about the need to find out whether Yeshua (Jesus) is really the Messiah sent by God, and to be willing to receive Him if He is. The three of them (husband, wife and young adult son) listened and appeared challenged by the conversation.

Aviva and Pat were engaging with people at an intersection where Muslims were also sharing their faith. An Iranian man approached Aviva and said that he respects Jewish people but had never met a Jew for Jesus before. He agreed to receive gospel information in Farsi.

At the end of an evening sortie, Aviva met a young Jewish man who had been training to be a rabbi before he left his yeshiva and got into Buddhism. He hesitantly approached and, for the first time, he decided to inquire about Yeshua!

Paula “happened” to have some Scriptures in Chinese, which enabled her to lead a Chinese woman to the Lord right on the street!  Now this born-again woman is excited to share her newfound faith.

The campaign will be wrapping up as you receive this, but we’ll send you a final report soon. Meanwhile, please enjoy the following photos and another video to transport you to Australia, where it’s summertime for Christmas.