What does it take for a dream to become a vision, then a plan, before its actual execution and finally its “grand reveal”? The L.A. branch of Jews for Jesus is about to find out. In 2013, L.A. branch leader Josh Sofaer, shared a vision with his staff for building an event space out of the first floor of the L.A. office.

The building is located in Westwood, across from UCLA’s campus; passersby often glance into the windows as they move from restaurant to classroom to café to home. The neighborhood of Westwood is also a site for film openings and sightseeing, so our office is well poised for drop-in visitors, students and those who are curious about the Jews for Jesus sign on the door.

Josh’s idea for an event space moved slowly as the ministry raised the funds for a complete remodel and refurbishing of the building. This was a three-year process that came in fits and starts, but God was faithful to keep inching the project forward.


The L.A. Branch hosts the Multitudes art show pre-renovation — a taste of what’s to come!

An artists community has been forming out of our LA branch over the past year. Called ArtShareCollective/LA, the community consists of Jewish believing artists, dancers, filmmakers, techies, writers and others who desire to use their talents to bring the news of Yeshua to Los Angeles. Their first show is planned for April 2017, when the space will officially open; this inaugural show will feature the work of a young, talented Jewish believer who is a prolific painter.

Our missionary staff in L.A. are now on the edge of discovery. This space will hopefully bring in many who are seeking spiritual answers and who can be profoundly influenced within an atmosphere of creativity and faith. We have yet to discover all that God desires to do within the space, but we are convinced that “if we build it they will come.”


A work in progress

Pray with us for the work of the remodel to go smoothly — ha! when does a remodel ever go smoothly? — well, with as few hitches as possible. Pray that lives will be touched by the gospel even before the space is finished as people stop in to see what’s happening. Pray that we’ll have the wisdom to know how to run this space and that we’ll have the right staff to work here. As idea turns into vision and into execution and then into the “grand reveal,” pray that we will run this space to the glory of God and His purposes.