So many rumors are flying about the upcoming inauguration of the 45th President of the United States of America that it’s hard to know exactly what January 20 will bring. But there’s one thing we do know.

Inauguration Day will bring the opportunity to greet multitudes of people with the good news that Jesus is the all-powerful, all-glorious friend to any who trust and follow Him, regardless of their past history or present affiliation.

Our Washington, D.C. branch, along with about 200 of our closest Christian friends, will be up at the crack of dawn to offer smiles and thousands of specially designed gospel postcards to those pouring into the National Mall and points all along the Inaugural Parade route.  Check out the new postcard below.

May those of us who know Jesus give evidence of His character and His commandments. May we be the kind of ambassadors who will attract people of all persuasions to the King of Kings.

Please keep this day of outreach in your prayers!

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Inauguration Day Promises Postcard - Back

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Inauguration Day Promises Postcard - Front