Ziggy Rogoff in our London Branch recently had a very curious connection with a young religious Jewish man. Ziggy was walking in the Tube station when Ari*, a 19-year-old from an ultra-Orthodox community in Israel, approached him to ask about the meaning of his Jews for Jesus jacket.

Ziggy says:

“I explained, and then Ari told me he had received one of our flyers at a Tube station recently. So I asked him who he thought Jesus was. Ari said he believed he was a Jewish man and that he existed but didn’t know much beyond that.

I explained the gospel to Ari and asked him what he thought. He was skeptical, so I asked, ‘Is it any more unbelievable than Moses at Mount Sinai?’ He said he didn’t believe that! I asked, ‘What about Elijah or Elisha raising people to life—do you believe that?’ He said he didn’t. I asked, ‘What about God, do you believe in Him?’ He said, ‘Maybe, I don’t really know!’

I got Ari’s contact information and said we could meet up and look at the Hebrew Scriptures and New Testament together, and that he could come to know God personally. Please pray for him.”

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*Not his real name