Our Paris leader, Josh Turnil reports, “We had a great time greeting ‘Star Wars’ fans with the gospel on opening night for the movie, ‘The Force Awakens.’ Karl was dressed as Darth Vader, Chantale was Padmé and I was a Jedi with a kippah (yarmulke, traditional Jewish skullcap). We have never been so well received on the streets of Paris. At least six people asked to take selfies with us—Karl was especially popular. 

“The film was showing in V.O. (original English version,) or V.F. (French version). We’d printed tracts in both French and in English and asked passersby, ‘V.O. or V.F.?’ Then we could give them a tract in the language they desired. (See English version below.) We wrote the tract especially for French humanists/atheists.
“Since the recent attacks we have been kicked out of the streets by the police so many times, and even when they let us stay, many people viewed us only as ‘religious fanatics’ and did not want to engage. These costumes provided the levity needed for people to actually enjoy our tracts. Please pray that God will work in the hearts of those who received the literature.”