Yulia and Tzachi

From Yulia Mitnitsky, “Hanukkah was a great time to invest in the next generation of Israeli believers in Yeshua (Jesus). It was also a time to serve the body of Messiah here in Israel through organizing a holiday event for children, where they could have fun and be encouraged to follow Yeshua. The event took place on the last day of Hanukkah, with 58 children from five different congregations attending. We lit the Hanukkiah (Hanukkah menorah) and sang Hanukkah and worship songs. Tzachi Danor dressed up as a dreidl (traditional Hanukkah spinning top) and gave a lesson on Hanukkah that encouraged the children to follow “the Light of the World.” Afterwards there were games and crafts and of course snacks, including Hanukkah donuts and popcorn. Before going home, every child received a present.

“In organizing the party, we made a point to ask help from believing teenagers so they can learn to serve the Lord through serving the children. The Lord blessed us with warm and sunny weather and while the team was working hard, the kids had a lot of fun both inside and outside the hall.”

Please pray for the children and teens in Israel to grow strong in the Lord, and to shine His light in the Land.