Pictured here, Lisa Smolowitz (photo by Heather Drake)

Heather Drake reports, “It was a Florida version of a ‘snow day’ with the daytime high at 62 degrees. Fewer than normal students walked the Florida Atlantic University campus, and those who were out donned scarves and gloves. It was just before finals week, and our table featured a chalkboard that read, ‘Post-a-Prayer.’ Even as I was setting up, students began asking if they could write one. As the day wore on we gathered 26 prayer requests, had some great conversations, and handed out study supplies for finals—like note cards, highlighters and sharpened pencils. We also had pages from the ‘games book’ as a fun distraction for study breaks.

One student who stopped to post a prayer really grabbed at my heart. Hailey* wanted to know if I was teaching a Bible study. I leaned over the table and read her prayer request: ‘I really don’t want to get divorced from my husband. I want him to be happy with me and happy with this marriage and we both stay happy and become compatible.’ I told Hailey that lasting peace on earth and in our hearts comes from Jesus alone, He is the Prince of Peace. Hailey asked who we were with, and when I answered ‘Jews for Jesus!’ she replied, ‘I’m Muslim.’ Yet Hailey wants to read the New Testament and is looking for a Bible study. Please pray for Hailey’s salvation and for healing in her marriage.

*not her real name