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Festival-goers hear Gospel

We hope you’ll be encouraged by the following stories, and inspired to pray for all kinds of new believers and seekers in Cape Town.

Francoise reported:  “Near a grassy area I saw a number of homeless people.  I handed many of them cards, but after passing by I knew that I should go back and speak to them. A lady caught my eye, and as we spoke she mentioned that she was Muslim and had been thinking about changing religions. I shared the gospel with her, explaining the hope that’s available through Jesus, who will not leave or forsake us, and who understands loneliness.  As I was sharing this, a man who was listening in began to tear up.  She and this man both wanted to receive the Lord.  As I began to pray a prayer of salvation with them, the woman’s children came along.  They also wanted to pray the prayer! So all four of them came to faith in Jesus, receiving Him as the Messiah and Lord!  This was extraordinary, but there was still more.

“Another man who had heard what I was saying had been making negative comments. I then shared the gospel with him—and something must have struck a chord because he, too, ended up praying to receive Jesus! Please pray for each one of these people, that they will find true contentment in Jesus and that He will provide all they need.”

Also from Francoise: “At the Gay Pride Festival, I approached a group of people seated around a statue. A man, Banele,* overheard the conversation and came to join in with some questions. He was obviously connecting with the gospel as I shared with him. Eventually he prayed with me to receive Jesus, as many others listened in. Please pray for Banele to grow in grace and strength, and for those who saw his step of faith to also be drawn to Jesus.”

Charmaine reported: “I was chatting with a gentleman who had spoken to one of us earlier in the campaign, and he had many questions. I answered as best as I could, and he kept asking more questions. He seemed to have a spiritual hunger, yet made excuses in response to each answer I gave. I asked if I could pray for him, and he told me that he was Muslim, but he didn’t mind at all. Please pray that God would reveal himself to this man’s heart as he grapples with the truth.”

Campaigners praying with a man who’s responded to the gospel

Iris reported: “After a morning of mixed reactions in Sea Point (where there is a very large Jewish community), our team was taking a lunch break when a middle-aged Jewish man saw my T-shirt. He recalled seeing Jews for Jesus in Cape Town years ago; he’d been interested then and was still very curious. He allowed me to tell him about Jesus, but still wasn’t ready to give his contact information. Please pray that Howard would either contact our Johannesburg branch or look us up online to keep seeking the truth of Messiah.”

Porsche reported: “A woman came up to me today and confided to me that she was a Christian, but she converted to Islam in order to marry her Muslim husband. She told me she felt very convicted, and she just wanted me to give her a hug. I did, and she gave me her contact information so we can tell her more about the Lord and believing in Him, which she wanted. May this woman’s husband come to faith as she seeks to return to the true God.”

Mishelle reported: “Two women came up to me, and they were strong Christians who work in synagogues in the Cape Town area. They had no idea that Jews for Jesus existed, but they were really excited to hear about us as a resource. Please pray for these women to be a light in their Jewish workplaces and to be comforted and strengthened by our resources for witnessing.”

Aden reported: “Hopey got saved four years ago and she is radically on fire for God. Her daughter is now engaged to a Jewish guy, and she (Hopey) is staying at her daughter’s future in-laws’ flat in Sea Point, a very Jewish area. The family claims to be non-religious. Hopey was excited to see us in Sea Point and we gave her a lot of materials to share with the family. Please pray they receive it well. We ‘Hopey’ to see her again.”

Please pray for the gospel seed that many received during our Cape Town campaign, that it will grow strong and not be choked or snatched away.

*not his real name

Cape Town 2014


Photos by Iris Adler/Jews for Jesus


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