Bannering on the Boulevards in Cape Town

Several campaigners reported on their bannering outreaches. Iris Adler writes: "Glen, one of our campaigners, engaged with a carful of Israelis who didn’t seem too happy with us, but nevertheless saw the message on the banners!" Glen also reports: "As we were bannering, a little old Jewish lady, about 80 years old, ran up to us and said, ‘I’m so happy to see you guys, as tomorrow I am going to start a Kabbalah class.’ [Kabbalah is a form of Jewish mysticism.] We were able to share the gospel and to give her a Bible. We don’t know if she is ready to believe or not, but she said she would tell those in her Kabbalah class about God and Jesus!" And Michael Sischy reports: "An elderly Jewish man was smiling and intently looking at our banner that had Isaiah 60:1 on it, which says, ‘Arise, shine, for your light has come.’" Please pray that the bannering outreaches will bear fruit, and especially for salvation for the carful of Israelis, the lady attending Kabbalah classes, and the man who saw the verse from Isaiah.

Various campaign participants also reported conversations that led to decisions to follow the Lord. Steve writes, "A gentleman who received a tract from us in the morning prayed later that day with one of our team members to receive the Lord!" Paula Perry also reports that she met a young man named Lorenzo.* "I shared some Scripture with him and had him read from a book in his native language of Afrikaans. He prayed to receive Jesus and acknowledged his step of faith to one of our other team members." Last but not least, there is a public holiday every December 16 in South Africa that is called the Day of Reconciliation. Charmaine used that occasion "as a theme to engage people. I asked two men walking past if they had been reconciled to God. They said they didn’t know how, but wanted to. I was able to pray with the two of them and lead them both to the Lord!" There were other decisions as well. Please pray that those who made professions of faith in Jesus will be sincere and grow in following Him.

* not his real name


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