Svetlana reports from Moscow, “It was December 17 and we were going to hand out gospel literature near the Kremlin, where many Jewish people were running to a Hanukkah concert. Maxim, our branch leader, saw what a good opportunity it was and urged us: ‘I want everyone to try to collect contact information from at least ten Jewish people who are willing to hear more about Jesus.’ I was shocked. ‘How?’ I asked. ‘Is it even possible?’

“But then instead of questioning this goal, I asked God for a miracle. When the two-hour sortie was over, not ten, but 31 Jewish people had given me their contact information. In ten years of ministry I have never seen anything close to this happen. I praise the Lord for letting me witness His miracle!”

Please pray for good follow-up and open hearts for the many Jewish people in Moscow we met during Hanukkah.