Thanksgivukkah Outreaches Were Fruitful And Fun!

Missionary Giselle Le’Aupepe directing
people to our wrapping station

(And our holiday outreaches continue…)

New York:

Isaac Brickner reports, “On Black Friday, the day after ‘Thanksgivukkah,’ a dozen staff and three teenage volunteers took to the streets of Herald Square armed with 20 gallons of hot chocolate and two reams of Hanukkah/Christmas gift wrap.
After being moved from the front of Macy’s department store, we moved one block south and set up a few tables and a big Jews for Jesus sign in Greeley Park on 33rd and Broadway. Some team members handed out literature, others enthusiastically held ‘Free Gift Wrapping!’ signs and still others wrapped presents and handed out hot chocolate, engaging in conversation with those who came to the tables.

“It made quite an impact on the crowds of people who were out shopping to see Jews for Jesus engaging the community with a timely service. Giselle Le’Aupepe, one of our staff who was holding a sign, had good conversations with two Orthodox Jewish girls and a few Israelis as well. Aaron Abramson, the NY branch leader, received the contact information of a girl with a Jewish mother and a Russian Orthodox father who asked, ‘Would I be considered a “Jew for Jesus?”’ We handed out all 20 gallons of hot chocolate (around 600 cups), and nearly 1000 broadsides.”

Check out our New York branch’s blog to read more, including the colorful literature our staff created for this outreach.

San Francisco:

Branch leader Rob Wertheim sporting his
Hanukkah hat as he hands out gospel literature
in San Francisco’s Union Square

Branch leader Rob Wertheim reports, “The San Francisco branch had our annual Black Friday outreach the day after Thanksgiving in Union Square. We had a great team and handed out 5,775 broadsides. In fact, so many people were taking our literature (far more than usual) that we began to run low so a couple of us went back to HQ to get more!

“I had the chance to speak with a few Jewish people including a middle-aged man named Barry who classified himself as a ‘Los Angeles Beverly Hills Jew.’ He wasn’t open but friendly. I also spoke with a young Jewish man named Sam who asked what we were all about. Please pray for them and for all of the others we encountered that they may know Yeshua as Messiah during this Christmas season!”


Micha Cohen reports, “On Black Friday the Chicago branch handed out 6,750 gospel tracts to shoppers. Elli Marks had written one specific to the day, which he is pictured handing out here.

Click to see this British missionary’s take on Black Friday.


Branch leader Bruce Rapp reaching out
to students at Arizona State University
on Hanukkah

Branch leader Bruce Rapp reports, “The Phoenix branch hosted two events to celebrate the Festival of Lights (Hanukkah) this year. One event was on campus at Arizona State University. We invited students to come and light the Hanukkah candles, hear the holiday story and eat latkes with us. Many people enjoyed the latkes, but there were no contestants for the latke-eating contest! Some Jewish students from the college campus club Hillel attended. Please pray for the gospel seed that was sown.

“On the third night of Hanukkah my wife Tracy and I hosted a Hanukkah party for some of the Jewish people we have been meeting. One of our guests, Shmuel* is an Israeli whose father is a rabbi. Shmuel has been joining us on different occasions; he is curious and asking questions about Y’shua. Please pray for him and several other Jewish men who celebrated Hanukkah with us but have yet to come to know the Light of the World.

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