Praise God Over 850 Jews in the Negev Want More Info about Jesus

Watch this video to see more of the faces, places and events from our Behold Your God Negev campaign

Here are some praise reports!

Rahel Landrum reports: “I met Esther at the mall. We had a good conversation about the Tanakh (Old Testament) and the New Testament and the purpose of Y’shua coming. She was listening intently and when I offered to send her the New Testament she said, ‘Part of me wants to get it because I am a very curious person, but part of me is very afraid because then my worldview and everything I know will change.’  I told her that while I couldn’t guarantee that things wouldn’t change for her, the change would be good because God would be with her. She gave me her contact information and we hugged. I think it’s just a matter of time before she becomes a believer.” 

Bimini witnessing via survey

Anna Maria (who normally works from our New York office) has chutzpah! You won’t believe how God blessed her with a contact while she was making phone calls! She explains:

“Phone calling is a challenge for me because as a non-Hebrew speaker I have to read from a Hebrew script, and if the person on the other end asks me a question, I’m stuck. I was desperate for English speakers and finally, after 30 phone calls, I reached one. His name was Amos. He said he had no knowledge of the book we were offering and Y’shua was not for him. I thought, ‘I finally get an English speaker so I’m not accepting a no.’ I got bold and I said, ‘You know what Amos? You speak English and I speak English and I’m just letting you know you have to listen to me for one minute because I don’t want you to die without your kappara (atonement).’ Silence. I knew I had better keep going before he hung up! So I said, ‘I don’t want you to be eternally separated from the One who created you.’ The silence was deafening. Then he said, ‘Go on please.’

“I said, ‘Ever since I accepted the One you call Yeshu (Y’shua) in my heart He gave me love for your people. He gave me a new life, washed away my sins, and gave me peace, and if I were you, and I was a Jew, and someone asked me to read a book about my Tanakh, I would get it to see if it was true.’ He said, ‘Send me the book.’ I said, ‘You want it?’ And he said, ‘Yes.’ Then he said, ‘Why do you do this?’ And I explained the gospel and why I was here because I love his people. I was weeping but grateful as I said this!”

Anna Maria (on the right) taking contact information

Natalya also had a fruitful time on the telephone. She reports, “My last call of the day was a woman who said, ‘Wow, I was waiting for you to call me.’ She had seen the media, the banners, and the news and was expecting someone to call! We had a great conversation; she was very interested and gave me all her contact information. She also asked where she could meet other believers in her area. I recommended the congregation that had partnered with us.”

For the first time ever on an Israel Behold Your God campaign, we were able to have a literature table at a Bedouin Market in Beer Sheva. Even though the Yad L’Achim (an anti-missionary organization) opposed it and a religious man “accidently” fell and broke our table (see video), we had some fruitful conversations.

Another breakthrough was the request for campaign leader Oded Cohen to talk to a young adults’ group on the kibbutz where he grew up and where his parents still live. This came from one of the members of the kibbutz who saw one of our banners. What a step forward for the gospel in this area and also a personal joy to Oded himself!


Oded says, “We were able to witness to people despite those who oppose us attempting to disrupt our outreaches. It seems that our opposition made the local people more receptive to our message. They see our teams demonstrate self control, love and grace to those who harass us and it has been a good witness to what it means to follow Y’shua for those who are watching.

“Two anti-missionaries seemed particularly intent on disrupting our outreaches: Benny and Yechiam. Would you join us in praying for them to come to faith in their Messiah?”

Taking contact information

Speaking of anti-missionaries, Rahel Landrum reports,
“We went to Dimona and prayed that God would guide us to people who were open. We were having some great conversations and many people were taking tracts. Then an Orthodox man began yelling, ‘Missionary! Missionary!’ and he told people not to take our tracts. When people saw I wasn’t reacting even though he was agitating me, they began taking the tracts from me, talking to me and even giving me their contact details!

“I asked one man if he wanted me to send him a New Testament, which demonstrated how the prophecies in the Tanakh about the Messiah were fulfilled in Y’shua. I also gently warned him not to be intimidated by the orthodox man who was still shouting, ‘Missionary, missionary.’ The man’s response was, ‘No one tells me what to do,’ and he gave me his contact details. Then I was talking to a woman while the Orthodox man was still standing next to me shouting. She pointed to him and said, ‘He knows nothing, you know,’ and right in front of him, she gave me her contact details so she could learn more about Y’shua.”

Chatting with anti missionaries
(they are in the white shirts, campaigners in red)

Laura Barron reports, “We were bannering near to the kibbutz where we were staying and we had been there only fifteen minutes when I saw three religious men marching up the sand dunes towards my team. I began filming them as they came up the hill. One of them asked me, ‘Why are you filming me?’ and I said, ‘So that we are safe,’ and then we got into a gospel conversation. As I was finishing the conversation four off-duty policemen came to check that I was fine and then all seven of them began mocking us. The religious men repeated our conversation to the policemen and they were all joking about it. However, it had become late and it was time for evening prayers, so the three religious men began davening (a rocking motion that is part of the prayers of religious Jewish people.) Who knows what the people driving past thought as they saw these three religious men davening next to a ‘Yeshu=Yeshua=Yeshuah’ banner. I certainly appreciated God’s sense of humor.

Intense conversation

Dan reports, “I met Striko, who lives on the kibbutz where we stayed when he came to our chapel time. Afterwards he asked Oded and I if we would be willing to be interviewed for a local kibbutz paper. Of course we both said yes! One of the writers, Moshe* asked us how we came to believe and had a lot of questions for us. He turned out to be the librarian for the kibbutz and so we gave him some books for the library: the New Testament and ‘Call Him Y’shua.’ Oded shared his story about growing up in a nearby kibbutz and he then realized that he remembered Moshe as they had both played on the same volleyball team years ago! We were with him for an hour and a half and he said that this paper he was writing for is circulated around other kibbutzim in Israel. Moshe also told us about an elders’ fellowship in the area. We asked if we could come and talk to them and he said he would find out and let us know. Please pray that we’ll have a chance to speak at this fellowship.”

The two week campaign ended witho over 850 Jews and 48 Gentiles willing to hear more about Jesus. We handed out 29,050 broadsides, attempted 12,888 phone calls and completed 4,943. Two Jewish people prayed to receive the Lord.

We are still hearing reports of after effects. A believer friend in Israel called and told how his daughter serves on a base in the region. She told him that the commander of the base summoned all of the soldiers and asked if they have seen the signs about Y’shua. He went on to explain to the entire base how Messianic Jews believe that Y’shua is the Messiah. Albert’s daughter reported that everything that the commander said was accurate and that it encouraged her to be more open about her own faith. Praise God! Every seed makes a difference.

Sharing with an Orthodox man


At the market



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