Hanukkah Outreach in Former Soviet Union

Seven Jewish seekers attended the joint Hanukkah service we hosted with a local Messianic congregation in Kiev.


From November 18-21 and 25-29 we handed out 53,565 broadsides. Thirty-seven Jewish people and seventeen Gentiles gave us their information to hear more about Jesus and one person (not Jewish) prayed to received the Lord! Our Hanukkah service on November 29 featured a music group from a Messianic congregation. Sixty-four guests attended and six people prayed to receive the Lord, including two Jewish people.


From November 25-29 we handed out 9,975 broadsides and met one Jewish seeker willing to hear more. Twenty-five people came to our Hanukkah service including twelve Jewish seekers who haven’t been to our events before.


From November 25-30 we handed out 28,130 broadsides; fifteen Jewish seekers and four Gentiles gave us their info to follow up and two Gentiles prayed with us to receive the Lord. We had 30 guests at our Hanukkah service, a third of whom were Jewish seekers. The branch will be having a door-to-door campaign from December 16-28.


From November 18-23 we handed out 17,750 broadsides and received contact information from eight Jewish people and five Gentiles. Two people prayed to receive the Lord, one Jewish and one Gentile! Ninety-seven people attended our Hanukkah service. Twenty-five were Jewish seekers.

“Somewhere in Belarus”:

Our staff worker and a team of ten local volunteers handed out 5,000 broadsides during Hanukkah. They gathered contact information from 20 seekers, including two who are Jewish. We had two Hanukkah services jointly with one local Messianic congregation on November 27 and 29. Our staff worker invited his unbelieving Jewish contacts, seven of whom came to the first service, and nine to the second. He also invited people from his caseload to services at another local Messianic congregation and four families (totaling eighteen people) came. Our missionary says, “I’m especially grateful to the Lord for the work of volunteers, who helped me welcome and bring people to the holiday services.”


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