An Arrest in Israel Could Affect You

We are currently involved in a court case to protect that right, not only for Barry, but for every other Christian who loves Israel and wants to share his or her faith while visiting.

Read Barry’s personal account of his arrest and imprisonment below.

My prison experience by Barry B.

“…I have you in my heart, inasmuch as both in my chains and in the defense and confirmation of the gospel, you all are partakers with me of grace.” (Phil 1:7).

Barry and Alison, immediately
after his release from prison

First, I want to say thank you to all who prayed; your prayers kept me going while I was in prison. I could really feel the power of them.

On day 11 of the campaign, Wednesday November 20th, while I was bannering with my team, I was detained by six immigration officers supposedly having violated my tourist visa. However, we know that sharing our faith in Israel is not only perfectly legal but also encouraged on this visa. I was moved on Wednesday evening to Ramla Givon prison where I was detained until released on bail on Sunday evening. This was a very difficult time not only for me but also for my wife Alison and the campaign team who showed great bravery in continuing to proclaim the gospel on the streets of the Negev region, while I was in jail.

God was with me and helped me through my ordeal. After a day of thinking I was the only believer in the jail, I discovered a pastor and six other Christians in the jail who held a daily service of prayer and worship. The pastor also gave me a New Testament in six languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian and Arabic so that I could continue witnessing to prisoners in the jail, which I duly did!

I witnessed to many Muslims, including Mustafa and Sala and also some Africans, including Mali, and was able to encourage fellow believers in the jail. Just as I was going through the release process on Sunday, God gave me the opportunity to witness to a prison guard, Eitan, about why I was in prison. I was able to give him the gospel message and share my story. Please pray for the gospel seeds sown during my time in jail to bear fruit.

I can’t emphasize enough how important it was that so many of you were praying for me in prison. I know it was a great comfort both to me and to my wife Alison.

“But I want you to know, brethren, that the things which happened to me have actually turned out for the furtherance of the gospel, so that it has become evident to the whole palace guard, and to all the rest, that my chains are in Christ; and most of the brethren in the Lord, having become confident by my chains, are much more bold to speak the word without fear.” (Philippians 1:12-14).

Hear more about this legal issue via a conversation between our executive director, David Brickner and Dan Sered, leader of our work in Israel.

Help raise funds needed to cover court costs as we fight for continued freedom of religion in Israel.

Meanwhile, Dan Sered reports,

“As a result of this incident I had the opportunity to be on Israel Radio telling our story. One of the anti-missionaries we hope you will pray for, Benny, was on the program as well. The host had to tell him to quiet down several times so that I could speak. I got to give the gospel message clearly and lots of Israelis got to hear it — praise God!”


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