RealTime December 2010

A NOTE FROM DAVID BRICKNER: Operation Light in the Darkness
December 1, 2010

This month I want to report on a strategic outreach in a part of the world where our missionaries face extraordinary opportunities as well as hardship. No, it’s not Israel… I’m talking about Jews for Jesus’ work in Russia and Ukraine. These are two of the most difficult, dangerous and just plain dark regions for…

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Jews for Jesus News

What’s a QR-Code? A QR-Code is a bar code that people can scan with their smart phones to go directly to a predetermined online web page.  Here is an example of a QR-code that goes to our Pointers on Witnessing to Jewish People Mobile App/Website. We are considering utilizing these bar codes in several ways,…

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Winter Holiday Photos

Thanksgiving at our New York branch and Hanukkah in D.C. and Phoenix.

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Jewish Facts of Life

Read our perspective on why Christmas is a Jewish holiday (or at least it should be) and several related articles, poems on Christmas, free Christmas e-cards and a flash animation. Also, did you know that many American Jews who do not celebrate the birth of Jesus still have a Christmas tradition?  It’s true.  Many Jewish…

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Also in this Edition

Watch the new trailer for our Jews for Jesus documentary coming soon to DVD. “Flowers of the Son” is an inside look at opportunities and opposition facing our missionaries in Israel. Newest Kosher Joe Episode, “Chrismukkah” is “best ever” It’s not too late to download Christmas broadsides On The First Day Of Christmas My Rabbi…

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Real Deals

Start 2011 with a couple of faith-building tools that won’t break the bank: Get free shipping when you buy two terrific laminated charts: The names of God 100 Messianic prophecies thatJesus fulfilled. These 8.5″x 5.5″ charts unfold to 33″ providing loads of information that’s easy to bring along wherever you go. Use the code SHIP24FREE…

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