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Book Launch!

On December 8, Susan Perlman hosted a special gathering on behalf of Jews for Jesus in celebration of the new book, Jews and the Gospel at the end of History: A Tribute to Moishe Rosen. (Click here to read the full story.)

This book will be available for sale to the general public in January; however, we have obtained a quantity from the publisher and you can purchase the book right now, through our website.

While Moishe’s physical condition was not the best, his spirits were high as he greeted many friends. Susan presented him with a book of letters from friends and colleagues who were unable to attend the event. One friend who flew in from Philadelphia read his letter to Moishe personally. The food and fellowship were wonderful, and we hope those of you who were not able to attend will enjoy these photos:

*By the way, if you know of publications that might be interested in reviewing books such as this one, please let us know. We’ve put together some special resources like this one that most people don’t know about and we’d welcome opportunities to get the word out.

Mazel Tov

We’re delighted to announce the birth of Aviva Elizabeth Zaretsky to Jeremiah and Hannah. Hannah delivered only three hours from the time they checked into the hospital! Jeremiah is a missionary trainee at our New York branch.

Return of Massahniks

As of December 16, they’re baaack!  Our Massah Bet team has been traveling for a little more than six months, sharing their lives and the gospel of Jesus with Israeli backpackers from India to Nepal to Thailand. Please pray for God’s continued blessing and guidance for this team as they reenter and readjust to life in the USA. Also, pray for New Light Ruins, the music group that formed a key element of Massah Bet as they will begin recording their second album this January.


More than a dozen young Jewish believers will be representing the cause of Jews for Jesus at the Urbana conference at the end of this month. “URBANA” is the largest missions conference in the world with some 20-30,000 in attendance. (For many years it was held at the University of Illinois in Urbana, but now it’s convened in St. Louis.)

Please pray for our team and for this conference, that we’ll have the opportunity to influence the hearts of many future missionaries concerning Jewish evangelism, and that we will meet some who will stand with us to make Jesus known to more Jewish people.

Branch News


Our Rio de Janeiro branch is currently conducting their first full-fledged December outreach, with 16 or so people out on the streets from December 11-18. They will also be celebrating with their first ministry Hanukkah party on December 19.


On the weekend of December 18-20, Jews for Jesus, in conjunction with a local church, is conducting a teaching and celebration weekend, including a Friday night Hanukkah celebration in a Sydney suburb. Please pray for a good response from the believers who attend, and that God will give them a desire to evangelize more and more. Also pray for Jewish inquirers to attend, especially on Friday night, and for them to hear the gospel clearly and to respond in faith.

South Africa

Please pray for our Cape Town Outreach which began December 14 and will continue through December 24. Jason Verreyne will be leading our team to evangelize on the beaches (remember it is summertime there) and streets of Cape Town, handing out broadsides (and cold water/cold drinks), and asking people to “Choose Eternal Life!” in Yeshua.

Thank You for Praying

These reports represent just a sampling of the evangelism that’s been ongoing since your last Jews for Jesus RealTime:

In San Francisco

Rob Wertheim reports, “Our San Francisco branch Christmas Push began on ‘Black Friday.’  Five volunteers, seven headquarters staff, Yoel and I distributed 5,250 broadsides on the first day of our outreach. We met two Jewish people willing to give contact information so that they could hear more. One was an Israeli kiosk worker who had stepped outside the mall to have a smoke. Little did he know that he would meet a Jew for Jesus!  Please pray for Yoel as he follows up with this Israeli, as well as for me as I follow up the other new Jewish contact.

In New York

The branch kicked off the special season of evangelism with the usual Thanksgiving outreach at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, where the team handed out 19,100 gospel broadsides. Seven teens joined us for four sorties and a weekend of teaching. For all but one, it was their first time evangelizing on the streets. After the outreach, the team enjoyed a great meal prepared by Gabi Goldstein.

Our Seasonal Broadsides are still posted, in case you didn’t get a chance to see them for yourself or download them to share with others.


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