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December Evangelism

All over the world, our branches are stepping up evangelism to meet the crowds of holiday shoppers. How will the economic crisis affect the crowds? Will people be more open to the gospel during these especially difficult times? We don’t know, but we do know that prayer makes a difference. Please pray for stamina for our missionaries, especially those in colder climates, and for hearts to be open to the gospel. Click here if you haven’t already seen some of our December broadside tracts.

A dozen of us Jews for Jesus staff and volunteers are planning to be at the National Menorah Lighting Ceremony on the Ellipse near the White House, in Washington D.C.. Please pray for our witness there.

One of the areas where our missionaries do not have to bundle up for December evangelistic opportunities is South Africa. Please keep our Cape Town summer (yes, summer) outreach in prayer from December 20-December 28. Our missionaries and volunteers hope to saturate the streets, malls and beaches of Cape Town with the “Light of the World” gospel message this Hanukkah and Christmas season.

Another warm spot for our missionaries is Los Angeles where branch leader Stan Meyer requests, “Please pray for the Jews for Jesus Southern California New Years outreach, January 1-2. As over one-million parade spectators gather along Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena, California, we will be on the streets greeting viewers, distributing tracts, and sharing the good news for the New Year!”

Many of our branches will also be having Hanukkah parties, and as always, we hope that Jewish seekers will come to see how Jews who believe in Jesus celebrate the holiday. Please keep these events in your prayers as well.

New Website

Last month we mentioned that our new website for Jewish/Gentile couples was “coming soon.” Well, soon has arrived! is a budding ministry website, and we hope it will be a great resource for Jewish/Gentile couples seeking spiritual harmony in their relationships. The website deals with challenges that research tells us are of concern to Jewish/Gentile couples, issues of identity, religion, life cycle-events, family and parenting. We have put together many articles, frequently asked questions, life stories, discussion forums, and invitations for people to interact with these issues from a Messianic Jewish perspective. If you are in a Jewish/Gentile relationship or know someone who is, and you (or they) have questions, visit our website and feel free to contact us! You can also refer a couple using our referral form.

Inauguration as an Evangelistic Opportunity

A presidential inauguration is always a big event . . . and whenever there’s a big crowd, we want to greet people with the gospel. Washington, D.C. is bracing for three to four million people on the National Mall and Capitol lawns—and so we’re planning a big outreach for the January 20 Presidential Inauguration and Inaugural Parade.

Branch leader Stephen Katz says, “We are trying to get a big team together and we hope to distribute tens of thousands of broadsides. The logistics are tricky and we need prayer for volunteers, a good strategy, good weather, health and energy—and that the heavy security will not become a hindrance to the gospel going out at these events.” We’ll repeat this prayer request again next month, but since some might not open their January RealTime until after the event, we want to make sure we’re covered.


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