RealTime December 2006

A Note From David Brickner: Judge says letter to Jackie Mason is “most gracious”
December 1, 2006

I am writing to you from an airplane, on my way home from New York City where I met with Jackie Mason, Judge Berman, and our attorneys. In case you don’t know the background for this story, Jews for Jesus staff member Rich Robinson wrote a humorous...

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Jewish Facts Of Life

Hanukkah begins at sundown December 15 and lasts for eight days. It’s a great time for you to send holiday greetings to your Jewish friends. We have free ecards to help you do just that. We also have a downloadable Hanukkah broadside that you can photocopy and...

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Did You Know?

We have Christmas broadsides that you can download and reproduce to hand out this season. We only ask that you do not change or cover any of the words or illustrations. You are welcome to add your own contact information so long as you can do so without deleting any...

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Jews for Jesus Family News

Announcing . . . our most newly engaged couple . . . big changes for several Jews for Jesus missionaries and an update on Susan Perlman. Read more about all three . . . Mazel Tov to Rebekah Wertheim and Toby Weiss on their engagement. Bekah and Toby met through the...

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Sneak Peek
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Our regular (snail mail) January Newsletter will include: article by David Brickner titled The Joy of Being Wrong”; a post-BYG update on our work in New York; Moishe’s Musings on an encouraging encounter; and Bits from the Branches in Montreal, Chicago and...

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