Behold Your God update: Sao Paulo campaign just wrapped up

The Sao Paulo campaign ran from November 22 to December 11. During that time, campaigners handed out 432,550 broadside tracts. Eighty Jewish people and 277 Gentiles who do not yet believe in Jesus gave their names, addresses and phone numbers for further contact. Seven Jewish people and 98 gentiles prayed to receive the Lord!

To see photos from the campaign, go here.

Campaign Highlights

Edson reports: “Three of us campaigners had finished lunch and were about to leave for our next sortie (tract-passing expedition) on Jos? Paulino St. when the Lord once again intervened. We ended up taking the ‘wrong’ subway exit and eventually had to stop to ask a police for directions to Jos? Paulino St. A young man overheard the conversation. As we turned to leave, the young man asked us what we were planning to do in that neighborhood. I explained that we were going to announce the Messiah to the people of Israel. He said we must be crazy.

I asked if he believed in Jesus and he said that he did and that he and his family were all saved. When I asked what he believed his basis of salvation was he said that he and his family did what was right and practiced charity. That’s when I noticed something different about him and I asked in Hebrew, ‘Ata Yehudi?’ (You are Jewish?) He said, ‘No, my Dad is Jewish but my Mom’s a gentile.’

“I told him that he was Jewish, too, and cited several Bible prophecies about Messiah. (All this time he was walking with us to our destination.) I invited him to receive Yeshua as his Messiah and Savior, to know his sins were forgiven and his name written in the Book of Life. It was absolutely amazing the way he prayed out loud, right there in the middle of a busy avenue!”

Jos? Carlos reports: “I was coming out of the subway station when a young university student on his way to school walked by, then turned back to talk to me about Jesus. He had received a broadside the day before, ‘Beware of Religious Fanatics,’ and had stuffed it into his pocket because at the time he was too high on drugs to read. Late that night he reached into his pocket looking for more drugs, but all he found was the broadside! He read it and called a believing friend. The next morning he woke up and noticed he didn’t feel like taking drugs anymore. Then he ran into me. He couldn’t explain what had come over him, but he knew God was working in his life and he was ready to give his life to the Lord Jesus.”

Ester reports, “I felt very ill at ease on the streets. I almost gave up the first day, but I prayed silently right there in the Santa Cecilia Square. As I opened my eyes, a wonderful Christian youth spoke to me, encouraging me to keep up the good work. Soon after, a young Jewish man came to speak with me and I had the opportunity to explain about Yeshua. This was the first of many experiences I had on the street. Sometimes I felt humiliated by peoples’ looks and words, but I give glory to God for everything and I know that He placed me there.”

Octßvio reports, “I handed a broadside to a Gentile man about 30 years old. I greeted him with ‘Shalom,’ (peace) and he told me that was what he most needed at that moment. It seems that when he got drunk, he fought with everybody. But that weekend he had felt moved to kneel down and ask God to free him from this habit that was destroying him. Then he ran into me. So, I preached the gospel from beginning to end and he gave his life to the Lord Jesus who has written his name in the Book of Life.”

Celia from the kitchen crew wrote: “I thank God for these days on the Campaign. They were good for my spiritual growth. I met other brothers and sisters and learned so much in the wonderful worship services!” (Sergio adds: “The volunteers in the kitchen commuted two hours each day to get to the base church to help us. These sisters of extremely humble means could not afford the bus fare. Donations from the United States made it possible to feed the hungry campaigners. We are all so very grateful.)

Wallace reports, “We were at the Sumar? subway stop which doesn’t get much traffic. So, we didn’t expect much to happen, but the Lord surprised us. I met a young Jewish guy named Marcelo who came up to ask me about my T-shirt and I was able to tell him about Jesus. It had a visible impact on him and he gave me his contact information to hear more. I felt great joy and rejoicing in the Lord at that moment. Moments later I noticed a man about to jump off a nearby bridge. I praise God He gave me the energy to sprint the 20 meters that separated us and that I was able to talk him down with the words of hope that Jesus loved him and died on the cross for him. What had started as a dull day had turned into a glorious morning where God proved His sovereign power to enable us to do great things and experience His joy.”

Katheryn reports, “I was on kitchen detail for lack of volunteers, but the Lord gave me the opportunity to witness anyway. At the market, a man asked about our ‘Judeus por Jesus’ T-shirts. After explaining about the mission, I asked him about his own spiritual health. It seems he had been reading the Bible he bought for his daughter. He told me he was convinced he was a sinner and that Jesus was the Son of God. I asked if he would like to ask Jesus into his life right there, next to the line for the butcher, or wait till he got home. ‘God is everywhere,’ Otto replied, and he prayed right there to receive his Lord and Savior. He was so happy as he walked away, and I rejoiced at God’s wondrous ways of using us if we let Him. ”

Alina reports, “It was my first day handing out tracts after training. We had prayed for good weather all during the rainy training session and the Lord had answered with sweltering heat and sunshine. So there I was, handing out broadsides and thinking we had prayed too much for sun. I wondered whether this was really the Lord’s will for my life. I asked Him to give me one soul to confirm His calling for this ministry. I hadn’t even finished my prayer when a young woman came up to me and asked me about my T-shirt. She had such anxiety in her face, I knew immediately she was God’s answer to my prayer, and I told her about Jesus. ‘But if I believe, will it mean I won’t be Jewish any longer? Why won’t my brother talk to me about Jesus?’ My answers must have satisfied her doubts because she prayed to received her Messiah right there on the street. God is so faithful!”


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Connect with Jews for Jesus. No matter where you are on the journey of life, whether you’re Jewish or non-Jewish, a believer in Jesus or not – we want to hear from you. Chat with someone online or connect via our contact page below.  
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