RealTime December 2004

The Infinite Infant
December 1, 2004
Topics: christmas

How can you possibly believe that God made a dirty diaper?” The man was mocking my faith, and particularly the belief in what we call the Incarnation. Like many Jewish people, he insisted that it is blasphemy to believe that a man could become God—and that much...

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The December Dilemma: Why Christmas is a crisis for some Jewish people

Christmas is such an all-consuming event in the United States that it almost seems like an American institution. Christians who truly stand in awe of the Incarnation are saddened by the cheap commercialization of this holiday. It seems there is very little of Christ...

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Hanukkah Highlights
Topics: hanukkah

Last month’s Real Time mentioned Hanukkah and suggested that you send Jewish friends a holiday greeting. Hanukkah ended Tuesday night, December 14. Several of our branches planned Hanukkah events for local Jewish believers to celebrate together, and also for...

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Jews for Jesus in Jewish publications

Over the past few months we’ve reported a flurry of coverage in the Jewish media—mostly local media where BYG campaigns have taken place. This month, two national Jewish publications, B’nai B’rith Magazine and Moment Magazine, have significant...

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Behold Your God update: Sao Paulo campaign just wrapped up

The Sao Paulo campaign ran from November 22 to December 11. During that time, campaigners handed out 432,550 broadside tracts. Eighty Jewish people and 277 Gentiles who do not yet believe in Jesus gave their names, addresses and phone numbers for further contact....

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Praise and progress from our Boston branch
Author: Nici Smith

We had a wonderful debate between Dr. Michael Brown, one of the foremost apologists in the Messianic movement, and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, a well known counter-missionary. Originally, we had planned to have the debate on the campus at Boston University, but as the time...

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