Oy, did we print too many calendars! These Jews for Jesus 30-year anniversary calendars are artsy and beautifully done, but we have way too many of them. They began in September ’03 and have full-sized art and calendar pages through August 2004. Jewish holidays and regular” holidays are noted throughout. An additional four months share the last piece of artwork and appear together on one page, taking you through December 2004. With three and a half months already passed, it is “now or never” for these cool calendars. Own yours for the price of shipping, plus two dollars (which is 75 cents less than it cost us to make them). While they are past their prime for giving as gifts, they can still brighten your day, keep you up to date on the rest of the Jewish holidays from now through next December, and remind you to pray for us. (Okay, so getting a better price by printing in volume is not ALWAYS the most economical way.) To get your calendar for $3.60 (INCLUDES SHIPPING) go to Purple Pomegranite Productions

(Note: when you go to the link, it will give you a different breakdown for the cost of shipping and the calendar but the bottom line is the same—something to do with how the program adds things up.)