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The cumulative report as of Saturday, December 13, which was the ninth day of campaign is as follows: the team handed out 86,125 broadside tracts; 30 Jewish seekers gave their names and addresses to hear more about Jesus, as did 40 Gentiles. Ten Gentiles have prayed to receive Jesus.

Late breaking news is that on Sunday, December 14, leader Bob Mendelsohn prayed with the first Jewish person of the campaign to receive Jesus. Campaigner Rob Wertheim had met Judith while passing out tracts. Rob noted her openness to the gospel, saying, “This is someone you want to follow up with right away.” Bob did, and Judith responded…Hallelujah! Pray for Judith to grow in her faith.

The team has been “mixing it up” by having “Psalm Readings” (as opposed to Palm Readings), videotaped man-on-the-street interviews and beach evangelism (remember it is summertime down under).

Pray for three Israelis, Moran, Avi and Benny, who were seated on a park bench, reading a tract someone had given them. They wanted to know what it was all about and seemed open to the gospel as our campaign chaplain spoke to them in Hebrew.

One elderly Jewish man accepted a tract from Evelyn (a volunteer from New Zealand). He stood still and read it, then recited the entire Aaronic benediction to her and left. Evelyn felt somewhat stunned yet delighted.

Bob led a former Catholic to Christ on the streets, literally moments after his team prayed that someone would come to faith during the sortie (tract passing expedition). Forty-year old Karl had been seeking for a while and God put Bob at the right place at the right time. Go God!

Michael is a Gentile whose daughter has recently been reborn and has been “after him for three months to ‘get saved'” Michael has been a frequent visitor to a Christian website as he is seeking. Bob explained the plan of salvation and read through the invitation to pray to be born again with Michael, but Michael explained that he wanted to “do this with his daughter” at church on Sunday!

Palm Beach

This is the news from West Palm Beach as of December 11 (last Thursday) which was the third day of the campaign.

The team has handed out 7,925 broadside tracts so far. Nine Jewish seekers and nine Gentiles gave their names and addresses to hear more from us. One Jewish person (no Gentiles yet) prayed to receive Jesus.

Thanks to our opposition, several newspapers and TV stations have called to interview our campaign leaders, Stan Meyer and Chad Elliott. This is particularly encouraging after the disappointment of having the “Palm Beach Post” reject our gospel ad. Please pray as we are hoping to see the ad come out in the “Boca Raton News” this week. The latter has accepted the ad on a standby basis, which means they will put it in sometime this week if there is space.

Something new: the team put together a free, evangelistic newspaper to hand out on medians at busy intersections. The “Hanukkah Herald” features articles on the Jewish holiday, local testimonies, copies of evangelistic ads we’ve placed in the past, and announcements of events to which the public is invited as part of our outreach. To view the “Hanukkah Herald” as a PDF file (1.3 MB), go to:

It was great to partner with Messianic Congregation Ayts Chayim in hosting an event at Florida Atlantic University. The congregation provided their dance troupe and internationally known messianic musician Jonathan Settel, and we provided noted author and speaker Stan Telchin. Several unsaved Jewish people attended.

It seems like the most effective spot to distribute our tracts is “CityPlace,” a complex of restaurants and shops. The management insisted that the sidewalks there were private property, yet we knew otherwise from having checked with the city attorney and the West Palm Beach police. Our attorney contacted the city attorney, who contacted the CityPlace management to affirm our right to distribute literature there. We’re rejoicing over this victory! Nevertheless, the security guards have continued hassling our people—pray that God will use this for good.

While at CityPlace on Thursday night, Chad Elliott and Abraham Sandler met a Jewish woman named Andrea, who remarked that we are “deceptive.” Chad asked her to define how standing on a corner and openly telling people that we believed Jesus was the Jewish Messiah was deceptive. She had to admit that there was nothing deceptive about it. She became thoughtful when Chad asked how the Hebrew Scriptures said we were going to be able to recognize the Messiah when He came, and even more thoughtful when he said, “Jesus fits the identification of many Messianic prophecies…so if He fulfilled them, and you say He’s not Messiah…don’t you think that you should re-examine them?” Please pray that Andrea would continue to think about these things.

Please pray also for the physical and spiritual strength of our campaigners in West Palm and Sydney, and pray for fruit from the gospel seed being sown.


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