RealTime December 2003

The Real Hanukkah/Christmas Dilemma
December 1, 2003

Every year at this season Jewish newspapers and magazines feature articles about the Hanukkah/Christmas dilemma.” The “dilemma” is the magnetic appeal of Christmas, which can either draw in Jewish children (and adults) or else leave them feeling left out of all the fun. Many see the beautiful lights, the lovely carols, the colorfully wrapped presents […]

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Cool Jewish Holiday Stuff

Send a free Hanukkah card, play virtual dreidel and see more cool Jewish holiday stuff Hanukkah, the Feast of Dedication” mentioned in John 10:22, begins on Friday evening, December 19, and ends on Saturday evening, December 27. Our special web section includes articles, games, recipes, and lets you select a free Hanukkah e-card to send […]

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Christmas Broadside

It’s a new one by Moishe Rosen and you are welcome to reproduce it, just keep all the copyright info intact.

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Behold Your God updates for Sydney and West Palm Beach campaigns

Sydney For photos go to: The cumulative report as of Saturday, December 13, which was the ninth day of campaign is as follows: the team handed out 86,125 broadside tracts; 30 Jewish seekers gave their names and addresses to hear more about Jesus, as did 40 Gentiles. Ten Gentiles have prayed to receive Jesus. […]

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Slashed calendar prices

Oy, did we print too many calendars! These Jews for Jesus 30-year anniversary calendars are artsy and beautifully done, but we have way too many of them. They began in September ’03 and have full-sized art and calendar pages through August 2004. Jewish holidays and regular” holidays are noted throughout. An additional four months share […]

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