RealTime December 2003

The Real Hanukkah/Christmas Dilemma
December 1, 2003

Every year at this season Jewish newspapers and magazines feature articles about the Hanukkah/Christmas dilemma.” The “dilemma” is the magnetic appeal of Christmas, which can either draw in Jewish children (and adults) or else leave them feeling left...

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Cool Jewish Holiday Stuff
Topics: hanukkah

Send a free Hanukkah card, play virtual dreidel and see more cool Jewish holiday stuff Hanukkah, the Feast of Dedication” mentioned in John 10:22, begins on Friday evening, December 19, and ends on Saturday evening, December 27. Our special web section includes...

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Christmas Broadside
Topics: broadsides

It’s a new one by Moishe Rosen and you are welcome to reproduce it, just keep all the copyright info...

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Behold Your God updates for Sydney and West Palm Beach campaigns

Sydney For photos go to: The cumulative report as of Saturday, December 13, which was the ninth day of campaign is as follows: the team handed out 86,125 broadside tracts; 30 Jewish seekers gave their names and...

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